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About Us

Zone 5 F-14 afterburner

Who We Are

Zone5 is a privately-owned company built by retired U.S. naval officers and long-time residents of the Norfolk/Virginia Beach area. 

Founder and CEO: Mark Keller

Why "Zone 5?"

An afterburner is a component of the jet engines used on supersonic military aircraft. By injecting raw fuel into the hot exhaust of the turbine section, afterburners increase thrust for incredible acceleration, supersonic flight, takeoff, and combat situations.   The U.S. Navy's mighty F-14A Tomcat's afterburners had five stages or Zones, so "max burner" was referred to as "Zone 5." 

Our Story

We built our first carrier-neutral data center in 2012 to provide a home for our subsidiary, American TV 2 Go, a still-thriving business founded in 2008 to support our troops overseas by providing them with access to live, High Definition streaming television services from the U.S.  Looking toward the future, we designed our facility to enable us to offer general-purpose colocation services to other businesses. 

We are also host to our subsidiary T&S Mining .  Founded in 2014, TSM was for many years the largest Bitcoin mining operation in the Norfolk/Hampton Roads area and will always be the first to provide colocation services to other crypto miners.  We continue offer ASIC and GPU miner colocation to other adventurers in the cyber currency business at our Norfolk data center.  Click here to learn about our low-cost power and cooling for crypto miners! 

We outgrew our space in Virginia Beach and relocated to our Norfolk location in 2016, where we continue to operate today.

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Zone5, LLC

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