Cryptocurrency Miners: We host GPU & ASIC miners with low-cost power and cooling!

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A Friendly Home for Your Miners

We built our own cryptocurrency or "crypto" mining farm at our data center in 2014 and while continuing to grow our own operations, have opened our home to host customers' farms as well, some large, some small.

Our Reliable, Low-Cost Environment

One or two mining rigs at home is fun, but once you really get the bug and wish to grow your cryptomining operation (and your profits), you'll find that your crypto miner farm will become loud, hot and expensive.  That where we come in!

Because we consume large amounts of power, our electric rates are lower than you could ever get at at home and we pass that savings along to you.  Also, we use high-volume outside air for cooling, eliminating the need for expensive air conditioning like we use on the more traditional colocation side of our Norfolk, Virginia data center. 

How it Works

  • You ship us your crypto miners and we will install them for you at our facility in Norfolk, Virginia
  • We do not charge a setup fee to get your machines to the point where they are powered and you can access them remotely
  • We do bill ahead, meaning that you’ll pay us for colocation at the beginning of each cycle, NET 10, mining starts after we receive your first payment
  • We’ll use an estimate of your power consumption and charge $89/kW/month (730 hours/month), term is 12 months minimum.  For example: At 400 Watts (0.4kW)/machine, that’s $35.60/month/machine 
  • The difference between your actual power consumption and our estimate will be corrected in the following cycle
  • We’ll provide you access to your machines via an encrypted Virtual Private Network (VPN) connection which will route only to the Virtual Local Area Network (VLAN) we’ll create for your crypto miners, thus isolating from our other customers 
  • If you need us to configure machines for you, help you setup a pool account, do minor repairs (e.g. replacing power supplies) or any other hands-on type of support, we’ll be happy to help at a rate of $65/hour, billed in 15-minute increments
  • If you are ready to start building your crypto miner farm, please place your order through our web store.  If you have more questions, then by all means, please ask.  We are here to help you get crypto mining!

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